Feb 20

    The European Union's GDPR Has Changed The World of Privacy Law

    The fundamental differences in philosophy between the US and the rest of the world when it comes to privacy, discuss the jurisdictional provisions of GDPR so you can evaluate whether you may have to comply with it, and examine GDPR’s major provisions wher


    Mar 20

    Using Active Navigation: A Case Study of Ameritas

    Speaker - Robin Martin, Ameritas

    Apr 17

    Spring Seminar with Jason Stearns and Keynote Bob Prentice

    Blockchain: The Future of Information Management?, Implementing ‘IG’, GDPR, CCPA & Recordkeeping: Things just got real!, Getting Unstuck – Keeping Your Plans Moving Forward



    Bill Ptacek - Award

    This award is given when the awards committee feels there is a deserving recipient. The award recognizes a current or former Chapter member who has made outstanding contributions and had a positive effect on the Records and Information Management profession over a significant period of time. This award takes into consideration sustained participation in Chapter activities, leadership positions held at the Chapter, Region, or International Levels, educational or professional levels obtained, articles published, speeches or presentations given, teaching or rnentoring activities completed, special projects or achievements within one’s own organization, and their support and promotion of ARMA objectives.

    Bill Ptacek was a member of ARMA International and the Nebraska Chapter for over 35 years. Bill was employed by the Nebraska Secretary of State’s Records Management Division. He was a long-standing board member of the Nebraska Chapter serving in various leadership roles including President and Treasurer. He also served for many years as Treasurer on the Midwest Rocky Mountain Region board, where he earned the nickname $Bill. He passed away on December 19, 2008 after a long and valiant battle with cancer.

    Candidates for this award should meet the following minimum criteria:

    • Chapter Member in good standing for 15+ years

    • Chapter Board Member for 10+ years

    • Served at least one term as Chapter President 

    Candidates for this award should then be judged on the following guidelines:

    Participation in Chapter Activities:

    • Attendance at Chapter meetings, seminars, and workshops

    • Attendance at Chapter board meetings

    • Helping plan, arrange, conduct or speak at Chapter meetings, seminars, and workshops

    • Leadership qualities (commitment, communication, character, etc.)

    • Sponsorship of new members or bringing guests to chapter meetings.

    Participation in outside activities that in some way assist the chapter or advance the records management profession:

    • Leadership positions held at the Region or International Level

    • Attendance at Region Leadership Conferences

    • Helping plan, arrange, conduct or speak at Region or International conferences, seminars, and workshops

    • Teaching a course in records management

    • Attending or speaking at other seminars or workshops that relate directly or indirectly to records and information or knowledge management

    • Publication of an article in a professional journal on a records and information management topic

    • Support and promotion of ARMA International Objectives

    • Achievements within one’s own company or organization


    Year Winner Employer
    2013 Scott Swanson Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska
    2009 Bill Ptacek State of Nebraska, Secretary of State