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    Dec 12

    Buried Treasure: Sharing A Records Management Conundrum

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    Call for Researchers: Industry in One Series


    The Foundation is currently seeking up to six (3 US, 3CA) researchers to work with us on a freelance basis. Each paper will identify the state of information management within the industry, highlighting records management in a condensed report (25-30 pages) for each of the following initial industries to be addressed: energy, finance, and legal. A report is to be generated for each topic by a subject matter expert (SME) to provide distinct United States and Canadian perspectives. It is conceivable that a SME with expertise and extensive experience in both countries could conduct research for both reports in a specific industry. In this case, the researcher would be awarded two contracts: one for the United States project, and one for the Canadian project.

    The Foundation would like to see this research address, at a minimum, the following questions:

    • For the purposes of this research, define the scope of this industry and its role in the general economy.
    • What is the primary regulatory agency or oversight body that oversees the industry?
    • What are the information management-related risks for the industry?
    • What record categories are critical to this industry and central to its operations?
    • What are the primary laws and regulations that effect information management?
    • What operational considerations affect information management?
    • What are industry best practices for information management?
    • What is the future outlook for the industry?
    • Are records managers present in the industry? If not, who manages and controls the records?

    The report will be reviewed prior to publication. A Foundation liaison will be assigned to the project and be a resource with the subject matter expert through its duration.

    Available Funding: $2,000.00 (USD) per topic, per country, paid in three installments ($500, $500, $1,000).

    Contract Term: To be negotiated. Goal is 3-6 months from the date of signed contract.

    Applications: Please send a resume with a cover letter detailing why you are the person for this project, relevant experience, and suggestions for the project as email attachments to:

    Copyright: Copyright will be retained by the Foundation.

    Deadline for Applications: February 9, 2018