May 15

    Legal Day - Developing Defensible Deletion Strategies

    Creating repeatable processes for legacy and day forward data remediation

    Jun 12

    Professional Records Certifications

    Benefits of Certifications & What's New at ARMA?



    Presentation Materials

    2019-04 Spring Seminar

    Presented by Jason Stearns - Blockchain: the Future of Information Management, Implementing IG, GDPR, CCPA & Reordkeeping: Things Just Got Real!, Getting Unstuck-Keeping Your Plans Moving Forward

    2018-05 Privacy Laws

    Presented by Rick Jeffries, J.D.

    2018-04 Data Lakes and Data Mining

    Presented by John Montaña

    2018-04 GARP - RIM

    Presented by John Montaña

    2018-02 Data Mapping

    Presented by Laurie Fischer

    2017-12 10 Essential Softskills for IG Professionals

    Presented by Amber Roberts and Jacque Hornung

    2017-10 Cyber Security

    Presented by Mark Adams

    2017-01 Electronic Records Disaster

    Presented by Bob Sibik 1/18/17

    2016-10 Security & Compliance

    Presented by Scott Haugaard 10/19/16

    2016-09 Information Management

    Presented by Andrew Altepeter 9/21/16

    2016-04 Iron Mountain Next Gen

    Presented by Sue Trombley 4/20/16.

    2016-03 The Art of Threat Modeling Presentation

    Presented by Mark Adams on 3/16/16.

    2016-02 Social Media and the Empowered Records Manager

    Presented by Doug Kaminski on 2/18/16.

    2016-01 Legal Holds and Discovery

    Presented by Russ Collins on 1/20/2016.

    2015-05 A Vision for Information Governance in 2020

    Presented by Kenneth Withers presentation on 5/13/15.

    2015-05 Information Governance 2013

    White paper from the Sedona Conference that was mentioned in the presentation by Kenneth Withers on 5/13/15.